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Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) have been known to fail leaving you exposed to the danger of central heating fluids escaping from the valve and causing considerable damage to floor-coverings.

On TRVs there is also the real danger, that when the temperature drops within the room, the TRV is designed to open, and allow full flow through the valve, and although 'decorators caps' are supplied with the valves when fitted, they are never to hand when needed!

Manual radiator valves are unlikely to fail completely, but can allow drips to leak through which build up over time and damage carpets and floors.

The Rad Valve clamps have been specifically designed to allow easy, quick and simple to fitting to any right-angled radiator valves.

Currently, the only sure way to prevent this, is to fit screw caps over the ends of the valves, which entails sourcing the correct sizes and threads of the blanking caps, whereas the Rad Valve clamps are a fitted in seconds, and are a universal fit the vast majority of angled radiator valves.

Rad Valve Clamps - the tool designed specifically for the job!

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