RadValve Union Splitter Kit

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The RadValve Union Splitter toolkit is a set of tools to safely undo and tighten central heating radiator union nuts without damaging the valve or pipes.
A major and common problem with taking off central heating radiators is that union nut has seized. This needs considerable force to undo, and a high risk of damage to radiator valves and pipes causing leaks & damaging carpets.

The RadWrench is a strong wrench designed to securely hold on thermostatic and lockshield central heating radiator valves without scratching or other damage. Fits up to 26mm valve bodies directly and 32mm valve bodies when slid up over the nut connecting the pipe. It allows high leverage to be applied to counteract the force applied when using the RadSpanner to 'crack' the union to valve connection. The union nut can then easily be undone. Manufactured from Nylon 66 for high mechanical strength and excellent rigidity.

The RadSpanner is a handy strong double ended steel spanner finished in gold passivate for outstanding protection against corrosion. It is longer than many alternative double ended spanners giving greater leverage and force to undo and tighten the compression fitting nuts on thermostatic and lockshield central heating radiator valves. Can also be used on almost all 15mm and 22mm compression fitting and nuts. This spanner is 4mm steel, thicker than most alternative compression fitting spanners. Under hard pressure the jaws do not widen and the body does not bend as can happen with thinner spanners.

The Union Splitter kit makes the job of disconnecting a radiator easier, quicker and safer.

Made in UK by ABDtools

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