Olive Pull Off Tool Upgrade Kit for 10mm and 22mm Copper Pipes

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The Olive Pull Off Tool Upgrade Kit contains two adapters, one for each of 10mm and 22mm pipes. With the 10mm or 22mm adapters fitted to the original ABD Tools 15mm Olive Pull Off Tool, the tool can be used on 10mm and 22mm pipes.

It can be used one handed for greater safety when working off the ground or when you just need that other hand free. This tool is easier & more versatile to use than other olive removal devices, as it does not rely on cutting, threads or screwing onto a compression nut.

It pulls off olives whether the compression fitting nut threads are BSP, Metric or non-BSP. For 15mm pipes, the original ABD Tools 15mm Olive Pull Off Tool is a pick up and use tool.

For 10mm and 22mm pipes, the adapters must be fitted first. For 10mm pipes, insert the 10mm adaptor nipple into the 15mm plunger.

For 22mm pipes, place the 22mm adaptor bracket over the end and insert the 22mm plunger into the 15mm plunger.

Fit the slot in the top end of the tool onto the nut & olive to be removed, ensuring the end of the plunger is aligned with the copper pipe. Then, no screwing, twisting or turning; just squeeze the handles together to remove the olive from the pipe! Although not essential, we recommend using penetrating oil to lubricate the pipe and olive. This makes removal easier as less force is required.

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Made in UK by ABDtools

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