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The major cause of problems when fixing a tap is a seized tap head nut. Brute force applied with a spanner to undo the nut can cause the tap to spin resulting in damage to the ceramic ware and water pipe joints.

The solution? It's as easy as ABD with our unique tap tool kit - and absolutely safe. Using our TapSplitter to safely and easily undo the tap head nut on pillar and bib taps allows easy access to the washer or spindle for replacement and to the tap seat for regrinding to stop leaks, reduce stiffness, turn off and on correctly and fix other tap problems.

The TapSpanner and 4 inserts give 5 sizes to grip the vast majority of tap head nuts in use. For sizes other than 17mm, 17.5mm, 19mm, & 22mm please contact us. The pressure created by this tool will undo even the most jammed tap head nut, and as the pull is completely internal to the tap and nut is guaranteed not to damage the pipe fittings or the basin, sink or bath.

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