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Radiator backache Preventer the          EASY RADSHIFTER

This is the new Easy Radshifter Radiator positioning tool, no more backbreaking, bending and lifting of large cumbersome heavy radiators ! Double or single.

Simply attach the Radshifter soft rubber jaws onto any flat panel radiator, squeeze the hand trigger and the radiator will lift millimetres at a time to lift on, or off the radiator brackets enabling easy positioning of your radiator! once the weight is on the radshifter, simply wheel it either away from the wall, or onto the wall and brackets!

No more stuggling or backache! to release the weight simply press the release button and the weight will drop down on the tool, and onto the wall brackets or floor.

This tool will enable anyone with poor arm / back strength to move radiators with ease !

This tool also helps when fitting brackets for new radiator fitting, is fully adjustable and will handle Radiator heights from 300mm, (12 inches) all the way up to 800mm, (32 inches) and any size in between! we recommend that for radiator lengths above  700mm you would benefit from using 2 x radshifter tools.

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Made from sturdy laser cut steel 

Made in UK by Dadtech Ltd

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