Thermostatic radiator valve clamp

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Thermostatic Radiator valve Clamp for permanently turning off the Valve when Radiator needs removing.

This new TRV Clamp is designed for fitting to a Thermostatic Radiator valve when the Radiator has been disconnected, it is important NOT to rely on the Head of the valve to close it off as it has a frost setting and can actually open the valve when the temperature in the room drops, causing a potential flood, this is quite common, there are plastic decorators caps supplied with these type of valves to do this  but either get lost, or sometimes can fail if used often.

Once fitted this clamp will guarantee this will not happen, fit in 30 seconds, this universal clamp will fit and close off any type of TRV, whether pipework is 10 or 15 millimetre, (15mm is most common) when used please do NOT overtighten, can be used over and over, made out of robust steel construction.

Made in UK by ABDtools

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