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The Radkit pro makes removing and replacing a panel radiator or fitting a new panel radiator easier, quicker, cleaner and safer, no draining of Radiator.

The RadWrench, made from super strong Nylon 66 for high mechanical strength and rigidity, fits and holds manual and TRV radiator valve bodies securely and will NOT scratch or damsge the chrome.

The RadSpanner, made from 5mm gold passivated steel, fits all Radvalve union nuts and also 15mm and 22mm compression fittings. 

The tools are stored in the case to keep the kit together in one piece, so it is ready time and time again whenever radiator removal needs to be done.

With this kit, professionals and DIYers can now remove & replace a central heating radiator with increased confidence of complete success - without needing to drain the radiator and refill.

Save time and risk to fittings when removing a radiator for painting decorating, tiling, silver insulation, skirting boards and refixing brackets behind the radiator.

Using our unique radiator kit means less risk to pipe work, carpets, woodwork, paintwork and house contents when the simple instructions provided are followed.

Please note that a RadClamp is designed to fit to the front panel of single, double or triple panel radiators so cannot be used for column or towel radiators

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Made in UK by ABDtools


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